Dating Sites

Although it is generally easier to meet people and make friends in free chats online than in real life, it is often difficult to hold the attention of the people we meet online. If you are a member of an online dating site and have been having problems holding the attention of the people that you meet online, you should […]

Dating tips for singles over 50

Are you over 50 and still single? Being single is not so cool. Yes, you do enjoy freedom and there is no one to interfere in life, but as we grow old and wise, we often find need of a companion. Someone with whom we can share our life and face all the old and bad time together. So, for […]

Do not believe that kissing a man with closed eyes

Why do you want to close your eyes when kissing? Not closed eyes of lovers kissing really do not trust you? In a sense this is totally bluffing and stereotypes. Honey, why do not you eyes closed, if this love makes you intoxicated? At what point would you close your eyes? Please do not say that the answer is just […]

Divorce – When Is It Healthy To File For It?

My folks finally thought of ending their life as a married couple when I was 16 years old. “It must have been a difficult point in time for you”, the people I know would always say. On the contrary, I thought that the separation was the most soothing thing that ever happened since the day that they started to argue […]

Deciding your Career

Deciding what you are going to do with the rest of your life is frightening. Trying to plan out fifty years or so of your life is so overwhelming. Honestly, almost no one knows what they will be doing fifty years from now or stick to their plans. A career aptitude test may tell some one who grows up to […]