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During the 17 weeks of the regular NFL season, dreams are accomplished, hopes are dashed, and plenty of beer gets poured down thirsty throats. A lot of money also gets passed from one source to another, often as the result of NFL betting.

If you’d like to try your luck at this exciting and potentially profitable pastime, we’ve got all the information you’ll need to get started. Just read the text below, set aside a bankroll, and get ready to embark on an adventure that could very well change your life. Welcome to the wonderful world of sports betting, specifically as it applies to the National Football League.

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  • The Three Most Popular NFL Betting Options

Most sportsbooks offer a wide array of betting options, from complicated parlays to simplistic heads-up wagers. However, the following are the most common options:

Money Line:

Bettors only need to choose the outright winner of a game. A money line wager might look something like this: Dallas Cowboys -150 vs Washington Redskins +170. The minus sign means that the Cowboys are the favorites, and you’ll need to wager $150 in order to win $100. The plus sign marks the Skins as the underdogs, so a successful $100 wager will result in winnings of $170.

Point Spread:

The most common form of NFL wager, the spread adds points to the final score of the underdog and deducts points from the score of the favorite. Winning bets are then determined by this adjusted score.


The oddsmaker chooses a specific number, and the bettor must decide if the final combined score will be higher (over) or lower (under). For more information about these three common betting options, as well as for more advanced forms such as props, parlays, and futures, click on the links provided.

NFL Betting Strategy

For new gamblers, the strategy involved in NFL betting can be overwhelming. And while it’s true that things can get complex, it’s important to remember that NFL betting is a skill: The more you learn, the better you get. And luckily, there are a host of sports betting systems to learn from. Some players swear by sports betting systems, while others view them as an inordinate waste of time. Ultimately, I suggest reserving judgment until you’ve given them a try. You can find plenty of these across the Internet, but here are a few excellent examples of football betting systems to get you started:

Road Team Favorites:

In this betting system, you’re looking to place your wager on any NFL team that’s an away favorite coming off a bye week.

MNF Home Dogs:

The goal here is to find home underdogs playing on Monday Night Football. Since 1970, these teams have managed to cover the spread a whopping 60% of the time.

Great Offense & Defense:

Provided that they are playing a non-divisional opponent, always wager against any team that’s scored 30 or more points in their last two contests while allowing 10 or fewer points in those same games.

Freezing Weather:

When the temperatures during a game are expected to be below 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7. 22222 Celsius), always bet the over.

Time Zones:

Bet against teams from a region using Pacific Standard Time when they travel to play a franchise using Eastern Standard Time. Ultimately, NFL betting strategy comes down to a combination of all of these sports betting systems. To learn more about the specific three-stage decision-making process that I use, check out this NFL Betting Strategy page.

Tips for NFL Gamblers

Before you start making bets, take a few minutes and read these useful tips. They may not change your life, but they’ll definitely give you an edge over more casual bettors.

Don’t Drink and Wager:

This should be common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many bettors ignore this rule after a few beers. Before you wager a dime, always make sure you’re in full control of your senses.

Avoid Tout Services:

These services offer to sell you winning picks, but many are only in business to fleece customers for as much money as possible. They use all sorts of tricks to accomplish this goal, so stay away and do your own thinking.

Look for an Edge:

Don’t bet on every NFL game. Instead, only risk your cash when you feel that you have a distinct edge over the line set by the oddsmaker.

Shop for Lines:

Join several of the top sportsbooks and actively shop for the best lines each week. When you find one site that offers a clear advantage on a certain game, be sure to give them your business (and take some of their money in the process).

Bankroll Management:

Before the start of the season, set aside a specific amount of money to serve as your bankroll. Never spend more than this amount during the NFL season, and never wager more than 5% of the amount on a single game (2% to 5% is the ideal range). For more tips on how to take your NFL betting to the next level, take a look at this NFL Gambling Tips page.


Risking your money on NFL betting takes courage, but it requires even more if you intend to make a consistent profit. In order to walk away with a surplus of cash, you’ll need patience, determination, and a keen eye for analyzing available information. While it can be done, don’t expect the oddsmakers to have an ounce of mercy on you.