Although it is generally easier to meet people and make friends in free chats online than in real life, it is often difficult to hold the attention of the people we meet online. If you are a member of an online dating site and have been having problems holding the attention of the people that you meet online, you should look into the way you write your emails. Always remember that there are literally thousands of members writing to the same people you are and if you do not write nice and witty emails, there is a big chance that your online friend will be bored and won’t even bother to send you a reply. To help you write good emails, here are some tips for you.

Keep It Light

If you are writing an email to a prospective friend on a dating site for the first time, you should keep your tone neutral and light. Do not start by telling the other person about your problems in life. Although most people are sympathetic towards others who are having some bad days, most people do not really want to be burdened by other people’s troubles. Instead of telling the other person about your bad days and all the difficult things that you are going through at the moment, you should talk about neutral stuff. Go through the profile of the person that you want to make friends online and find a topic that may be interesting to that person. If you want to make friends in dating sites, find a common ground with that person.

Keep It Short

Never write long emails telling the other person about yourself when writing to a prospective friend for the first time. Unless you are some hot celebrity, nobody in any dating sites really wants to read your entire life story. Besides, if you tell the person your life story, you will ruin suspense and excitement of getting to know each other. Always remember that people love mysteries and if you appear to be interesting and mysterious at the same time, the other person will get curious. Once the other person gets curious about you, he or she will keep you communicating with you.

Be Nice And Courteous

The way you write tells a lot about your personality, so be careful about your choice of words when corresponding with anyone from dating sites. Forget about the colorful language that you use in the streets when somebody cuts you off during rush hour and ditch the jargons, too. Just use simple words when writing your emails.

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