My folks finally thought of ending their life as a married couple when I was 16 years old.

“It must have been a difficult point in time for you”, the people I know would always say. On the contrary, I thought that the separation was the most soothing thing that ever happened since the day that they started to argue endlessly. The divorce was excruciating, alright. However I have always rejected the idea that two grown-ups should go on with a non-working marriage for the sake of the kids. I’ve always thought that “staying together for the kids” is just an alibi, one way of escaping the biting truth. The fact is, children are stronger than you think, and they can be pokerfaced with certain issues.

My mum and father argued like crazy for so many years, primarily because my dad was a never-ending cheater. I definitely didn’t see the point of staying together.

I just want to clear things, I still believe in the concept of marraige. And by all means, the couple should at least try to make the marriage work by sincerely working on the marriage. But if the marriage is still running badly after all was said and done, with kids or not, then it’s time to liberate yourselves. And just maybe, your kids will have more tranquility in life by not seeing you argue about everything at all times. I must admit, I was relieved when my parents split up 25 years ago.

My mum was a good mother and wife, and she never cheated on my dad.

And what’s annoying is that, she would always hold herself responsible for the divorce.

But if there’s one thing that they did right, it was that they separated with their dignity in tact. Both of them made a list of the things that each of them wanted to exclusively own, and they managed to go through that cumbersome situation successfully.

As an adult, I was formed by my experiences in the past, good or bad. The pain of my parents’ separation surely made me a stronger person. But it would have been a lot easier for my mum and dad had there been an online divorce service at that time. It didn’t have to be much of a disgraceful period for both of them.

My friend in the US (New York) acquired something online, and he did get something good out of his divorce, and so I’m promoting this to you now. The experts do all required paperwork, and all you have to do is take it to the nearest court in your area and file the divorce application. It works, especially for no-fault divorces, everywhere in the US.

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