Ladies and gentlemen- yes, I am talking to you. This is directed at all of you who have recently been in the all so common predicament. We get it. You like to gamble online because you can avoid the hassle of getting dressed, driving to the casino, and dealing with all the hoopla that comes with being at a live casino. Yes, online casinos can make life much easier.

However, we venture to guess that many of you actually miss the social aspect of being there. You know, the high-fiving with the strangers you just met but suddenly you feel like they are your best friends. Hey, the free alcohol isn’t a bad bonus of playing at the casino either.

Imagine if the land-based and the virtual casinos melded into one. Close your eyes and visualize what that picture might look like.

Poof- open your eyes! Just like that, your dream became a reality. Live Dealer Casinos were created. Gamblers using this technology are infatuated with this phenomenon. They aren’t alone- you can also get in on the action.

There you have it. You know where to go to take advantage of Live Dealer Casinos. Now it is time to explain the details about what Live Dealer Casinos are all about.

Go ahead and bookmark this article before you forget. Feel free to use it as your Live Dealer Casino reference page anytime you have any questions regarding this awesome way to gamble.

What Is a Live Dealer Casino

We didn’t need a rocket scientist to come in and define this term to you. It is just like it sounds. Think about what it feels like to play blackjack at the physical casino. Now take that feeling and transfer it to the comfort of your own home.

How about imagining what it’s like to play blackjack at home, on your couch, in your pajamas. Take that comfort and convenience and add in the element of having an actual person dealing the cards. A dealer who can give you a verbal response to any questions that may come up.

This idea of a mixture of «having the best of both worlds» is no longer just an idea. It is called- a Live Dealer Casino. They exist, and they are waiting for your action!

Don’t worry about getting started, it is super easy. You don’t need to go out and buy any special add-on cameras or monitors. You aren’t required to do anything out of the ordinary. Live Dealer Casinos were intended to make your life easier by enabling you to play your favorite casino games in a new kind of environment.

There are a few different kinds of Live Dealer Casinos out there. The one you will encounter most often is the dealer studio.

Dealer Studio

It’s pretty straightforward folks. We have a dealer in a studio, hence the name. Similar to a movie tv show, a production studio is created and designed to film what takes place. We are talking all the juicy stuff- the cameras recording, the lighting fixtures, the interaction, it all takes place in a studio-like setting. The product is then streamlined and enhanced for online viewership.

Actual Casinos

This experience will closely emulate the live casino environment. Heck, you might even have another person sitting beside you playing- all while you are being recorded. This takes place from inside a physical casino. Chatting and interacting with other individuals is the biggest difference here.


Finally, the broadcasted live dealer games are something you may or may get a chance to mess around with. These are live dealer games that are actually broadcasted on television and online streams. You can play from home and will likely have other people watching and commenting on what is happening.

For the most part, the dealer studios are what you are or will become familiar with. They represent that unique opportunity to combine your favorite components of both in person and online gambling.

You may be wondering why you should choose this option over going to the casino? Why not just play at a standard online casino?

Stop wondering, let us break it down.

Why Choose Live Dealer Casinos

We went over what a Live Dealer Casino is. You know how it feels and what it looks like. The reason most people make the transition from playing games and gambling live to online is the convenience factor. We know how much easier and faster gambling online can be.

The problem is, many of you aren’t sold that online gambling is completely and entirely secure. Let’s just call a spade a spade- some of you think online casinos are rigged and cheat. That’s just the nature of the world we live in today.

It Isn’t Rigged

Many people wonder who is really controlling the deal of the cards, the roll of the dice, etc. When you play virtually, it can be difficult to detect what is going on and who is monitoring the tables. This was a main contributing component into creating the live dealer aspect in the online gambling area. By having a real human being dealing the cards, this element of «am I being cheated» can go out the window. The person dealing the game is right there, willing and able to communicate with the players should any inquiries come up.

We know there was a period of time where gamblers really wanted to play games online, they just didn’t trust the operating systems or the software the sites were using. These people now have a perfect solution.


You don’t have to schlep all the way to the local casino, pay for parking, and hope some drunk guy doesn’t spill their beer on you. You also don’t have to worry about a rigged system behind the computer screen secretly making you lose and taking your money. Live Dealer Casinos offer you the closest thing to being in a real casino- without actually having to go to one. Live Dealer Casinos make playing our favorite casino games just a short click away. Have faith that winning money gambling on your desired choice of games will be entirely up to how lucky you are that day!

The Dealers Are Easy on the Eye

We aren’t trying to be silly here, we are trying to be truthful. You will notice the companies and sites that have implemented the Live Dealer aspect to their assortment of potential gambling games haven’t just hired any random person to deal the cards.

From the Live Dealer Casinos we have encountered, each time we have been met face-to-face with a young lady who isn’t ugly- not in the least. Beautiful women with fantastic bodies are strategically placed in front of your screen.

We are talking about Caucasian women, generally from the United Kingdom. Let’s think about why? Say you are a grumpy old man and you are losing at Live Dealer Blackjack. If the dealer is an overweight male, smirking at you as you lose your money, how much longer are you going to play? Replace that overweight man with a big-breasted, good-looking female who encourages you, despite you may be losing a few hands. Which scenario is that grumpy old man more likely to continue playing in? Exactly our point. There are some sites that will actually let you choose the ethnicity of your dealer. From Asian dealers to male dealers, you can browse through a selection of options.

Live Dealer Casino Games were created with the gambler’s wishes and desires in mind. As many benefits as there are, they are not the end all be all solution to the gambling.

Disadvantages to Live Dealer Casino Games

There are a few features from playing live in the casino that cannot be simulated by just playing at Live Dealer Casinos online. Likewise, the possibilities presented by playing by yourself online cannot be entirely mimicked by just adding in the Live Dealer element. The following reasons will not be viewed as disadvantages by everyone. All of you have your own personalities. What some of you view and think of as a great time, others may look at like it’s an annoyance. We are simply just breaking down some of the things from the live and online scenes that cannot be replaced.

Interaction with Others

The interaction with other gamblers just can’t be replicated by playing at a Live Dealer Casino online. Depending on the mood you are in or your overall outlook on online gambling, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes having some drinks and sharing some laughs is the most pleasurable way to gamble. Enjoying the social part is ok everyone, it’s a big reason the craps and baccarat tables are designed the way they are. Think about all the men and women of all ages and backgrounds, huddled around a table with the same goals in mind. It encourages a fun environment where everyone wants to keep playing.

On the contrary, some of us prefer not to be in the center of a big crowd. Not wanting the attention and commotion that is attached to playing on the casino floor is completely understandable. Not wanting a drink spilled on you or cigarette smoke blown in your face doesn’t make you a bad person!

Whether or not you enjoy the ruckus is going to depend on you. The fact that Live Dealer Casino eliminates that personal interaction with others can be looked at as a positive or a negative. You get to make that decision.

You Are Not Completely Alone

Whether or not being completely isolated while you gamble online is something you like or don’t like, it’s perfectly fine. This is why you have choices. Many of you may have turned from live casino gambling to playing casino games virtually to avoid the contact with other people.

When you play regularly online, you don’t have others surrounding you, potentially slowing down your action like you may have at the physical casino. While those other customers won’t actually be sitting beside you at the Live Dealer Casinos, they will still be at your table, in your game.

If you are just looking for the quickest way to play as many hands possible, perhaps playing on a standard online casino site is better suited for you. If seeing a human dealer deal your cards is still important to you, try out the Live Dealer Casinos. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Most of you are probably curious as to which casino games are available today. Which games are offered to play under this exciting kind of format?

Games Offered in Live Dealer Casinos
  • Our Lists of Live Dealer Games
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Hold’em
  • Sic-Bo

As you can see above, all your favorite classic casino games have been updated. The days of having to choose between playing them online or live are long behind us. We can now re-create that feeling of playing in front of a real person dealing the cards, seeing other patrons place wagers. All without leaving our living-room recliner.

We now have the luxury of knowing a live human-being is dealing the cards and answering our questions. Better yet, we don’t have to gas up the car or even put on a clean shirt to make this a reality. Live Dealer Casinos were inevitably going to be created. They are here, they are present, so start playing and see what you have been missing out on.

The Takeaway

Those of you who have been searching for the perfect mix of online gaming and live casinos- stop searching! Your time to start having fun, and a lot of it, starts now! Live Dealer Casinos do exactly that. Both the live and virtual world of gambling have their pros. They each have their cons. The Live Dealer Casinos were designed by taking the best from both landscapes. From the online realm- the convenience and speed of the games are there. The fear of being cheated is not there. From the live realm- the ability to physically see and speak to the dealer is there. The hassle of getting to the casino is not. As you can see, it’s ironically problematic to try and come up with reasons to want to drive to the casino to play. It is also kind of hard to justify playing on a standard online casino when you can have beautiful woman dealing you cards while not leaving your home. The fact of the matter is land-based and virtual casinos can bring up complications. Things like-
We aren’t being dealt fast enough. This jerk spilled his vodka-tonic all over me. I hate driving 22 miles and paying for parking just to play roulette.

Live Casino Dealers solve those problems. We live in a world where people want fast, they want easy, and they want to feel safe. Thankfully, Live Dealer Casino games were created. Fortunately, the most premier sites to test out this sensation are located at the top of this page. Winning money playing the most advanced style of games is just a mouse-click away. Have fun and good luck gambling!